Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hamas will never, ever recognize Israel

Talk to Hamas? Why? Because they'll eventually moderate, learn to live with Israel in a Palestinian state, side by side in peace and equality?

No, they won't. They keep saying so. The world keeps ignoring it when they do.
Dr. Ismail Radwan, a senior political leader of Hamas, stated that Hamas will not deal with or be part of any government which recognizes the occupation, and will not accept the demands of thew Quartet.

Radwan added that Hamas will not accept the abandonment of legitimate Palestinian rights, and will not be part of any government which recognizes Israel as a legitimate entity on the historic lands of Palestine.

In a written statement received by the Palestine Information Center on Monday evening, Radwan said that Hamas will never recognize the occupation and will not grant it legitimacy.

This is from a Palestinian media outlet. And there's more.
Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, stated that any new government in Ramallah, under any name, will not be legitimate without a submission to legislative council for a confidence vote. He added that talks on rebuilding Gaza are another deceit by the Ramallah government.

In a statement to the Quds Press, Sami Abu Zuhri, spokesperson of Hamas, called on Fateh movement “to free itself from the US preconditions”.

“We are not the problem”, Abu Zuhri said, “The problem is in those who link the success of the talks with an American blessing”.

He also said that Ramallah government is illegitimate, and that any new government will not be legitimate unless it is presented and approved by the legislative council.

Abu Zuhri further said that the term of president Mahmoud Abbas in office had already ended, and added that this issue is one of the problems obstructing unity talks.

It's all there, for those who want to see it. But that won't be the media, international negotiators, the UN, the EU, and most especially, Jimmy Carter.

In every generation, they rise against us. Tonight, we celebrate the failure of our enemies to destroy us. Hamas will be a story told around the Seder tables many years from now, if at all.


  1. If Bibi changed his name to Bibi Al-abbas he would be given free license to do anything he wanted.

    Just watch how Hamas and Fatah treat their own people.

  2. The most common Jewish holiday: They tried to kill us. We survived. Let's eat.

    The continued refusal to recognize that Israel's enemies, and not only Hamas, want Israel's destruction and the genocide of its Jewish inhabitants, represents the triumph of ideology over rationality, observation, and reality. "Post-colonialism", "Transnationalism", and "Multiculturalism" demand that only the "white settlers" of Israel, and their eeevil American enablers, be the villains. "Realism" has its own, analogous problems. The dark skinned oppressed, poor things, have no volition of their own according to these ideologies, and they only react to the eeevil deeds done to them by the West (boo, hiss). Therefore, if we don't do bad things to them, they won't do bad things to us. Obama's current apologyfest is based on this delusion.

    For Jews the great lesson of the 20th Century was, if someone says he intends to kill you, believe him. Americans and the West in general should adopt that same lesson for themselves. We should remember Patton's saying: No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He wins it by making the other poor, dumb bastard die for his country. The same lesson applies to transnatinal, terrorist jihadist groups, and any other transnatinal fighting groups that may arise in the future. That was why I said that Israel had to root out Hamas completely from Gaza. Kill them before they kill you.

    Michael Lonie