Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Mom's in town for Passover, and as the holiday is tomorrow, posting will necessarily be light. I'll be cooking, let's see, in the morning. Then driving to Northern VA, where I will be cooking in the afternoon, and attending a Seder in the evening. Then tomorrow, lather, linse, repeat.

I cooked tonight, in fact. Trader Joe's is selling kosher for Passover Empire meat products, so we had Chicken McMeryl tonight (home-made chicken nuggets) and, well, home-made french fries as well. And an awesome salad from Trader Joe produce. Trader Joe's has amazing produce.

I'll say it again tomorrow, but happy Passover to my Jewish readers.

AP shills for terrorists, again

The AP reports a terror attack as follows:
Israeli police kill Palestinian at demolition site
Israeli police fatally shot a Palestinian motorist Tuesday as he tried to run down officers guarding the demolition of the home of a militant who killed three Israelis with a construction vehicle in July.
Notice the headline does not state that the Palestinian was committing a terror attack, and thus was--at least--a "militant".
The driver's body was laid out on the street under a white plastic sheet with one of his hands sticking out near his white car, its windshield shattered by about 20 bullet holes.
We're still not calling him a "militant"--of course, the AP would never use the word "terrorist" to describe, well, a Palestinian terrorist. Only in a quote by an Israeli, anyway.
"One terrorist who was driving a vehicle attempted to run over a number of border police," Rosenfeld said. "The three border police were injured lightly on the legs when the vehicle hit them, they opened fire and shot and killed the terrorist at the scene."
And yet, the AP continues:
Police who witnessed the shooting said the driver came toward the roadblock at high speed.
And then you get a little of that famous color that the AP has allowed its writers to add:

At the time of the shooting, the demolition was still under way. Border police with their fingers on the triggers of automatic rifles stood guard while a crane-mounted pulverizer jaw methodically bit off chunks of stone and concrete walls and sent rubble crashing to the ground. They wrecked the top floor of a two-story home where Dwayat had lived, and left the neighbor's residence downstairs intact.

Oooh. Scary people, police officers with their hands on the triggers of their weapons. Five bucks says their hands were not on the triggers, but parallel to the triggers, which is standard military/police safety procedures, but which non-gun owning reporters don't comprehend. And then there's this bit of moral equivalency:
"I didn't see in the past that they demolished a house of any Israeli who killed a Palestinian," said the attacker's father Tassir Dwayat, standing in front of the house as it was destroyed.
Name the last Israeli terrorist who killed a Palestinian. Nothing like comparing apples with sea horses.

And here's the most egregious little bit to the AP article. The author spends some time explaining why the home is being demolished. It was the home of the terrorist who took a construction vehicle and used it to kill three Israelis. The AP reports the attack, but then adds this little throwaway in the last paragraph:
Before his rampage, Dwayat had been fined $50,000 for building his house without a permit, and a demolition order was on file, which could have motivated his attack.
Get it? It's always Israel's fault. Israel causes terrorism, no matter what. Destroy the home, don't destroy the home--it doesn't matter. The AP will find a reason to blame Israelis for their own deaths.

Anti-missile progress

With the recent launch of a North Korean missile in the news, it's a bit reassuring to know that Israel had a successful test of the Arrow anti-ballistic missile rocket.

The test was conducted jointly by the IAF and the US Missile Defense Agency. The Arrow is a project developed in cooperation by the IAI and Boeing.

The defensive missile was launched around 11 a.m. from the army's Palmahim base near Ashdod, and intercepted a Blue Sparrow missile fired by a fighter jet and impersonating a Shihab 3.

In other anti-missile news, the United States recently had a successful test of an Airborne Laser (ABL.) Here's a video explaining how it works.

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