Sunday, April 12, 2009

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The Hamas honeymoon is over

I don't know how much credit to give this story, but it has a few pretty funny moments at the end.
Egypt has been waiting to put Hamas in its place for almost a year and a half. Ever since the organization controlling the Gaza Strip broke through the Rafah crossing, a series of issues in which Hamas refused to compromise were left without a harsh response – but now, according to a senior Palestinian Authority official, things are difference.

The uncovering of Hizbullah's terror network in Egypt was a sign that the winds have changed.

According to the source, it was only a matter of time before the Egyptians settle the score with Hamas over its conduct since it took over the Strip. "Hamas leaders were mistaken if they thought they could continue embarrassing the Egyptians on the funds and arms smuggling issue, without a response.

"The breaching of the Rafah crossing in January 2007 turned the Egyptian soil into a walkway for Hamas members, and the Egyptians were waiting to settle the account over that too."

That's not the funny part. This is:
The Hamas delegation was the only one put under tight security, the Hamas members' possessions were searched thoroughly as if they were smugglers, and senior organization members were banned entry to Cairo.
I would have paid money to see that.